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Lift skin with One Kit 

The Home Kit has everything you need to control the way you age.

Age is beautiful with Qi. 


50 Treatments

Lift with controlled Magnetic Gradients. Simply follow the Face Matrix in the kit to actively stimulate skin. The Original Matrix has 12 points. Thats 52 treatments.   


$2.40 for for a customised lift 

You'll get more out of your Qi than you thought possible #everyage.

Use it anywhere, anytime. 


Real women, real results 

Real women experience Qi beauty and love their results, view the gallery featuring the real results of women who love the way their skin looks, and feels after the Qi beauty Facial treatment.

 It's time to love the way you age

Love the way you age with Qi beauty Age-Control Systems, for smart, safe, and effective pro-recovery anti-ageing using Gold, Lifting techniques controlled my specific magnetic gradients and personalised treatments. 


LOVE the way you age.


The Home Kit






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