The Home Kit.

Customise your Skin Rituals at home for Accumulative Daily Results. Stimulate and Energise Your Skin to support healthy formation of collagen, elastin and cell function.

Recover Skin Health

It is established that Qi beauty treatments are progressive, based on sustaining the energy of cells and strengthening of skin to raise it to a higher regenerative state.
— Kathy Pedersen, Qi beauty Founder and CEO

Facial Treatments

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Home Kit

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SKIN Health Recovery.

Stimulate Skin to Activate Healing Responses.
The Science of Magnetic Gradients and Acupuncture Meridians to recover health.

 @bella.ryan for Qi beauty International #MyQi. Gold Coast, Australia

@bella.ryan for Qi beauty International #MyQi. Gold Coast, Australia

The art of qi

Skin Recovery Treatments

Recover skin with Qi beauty’s signature treatment. Stimulate, Activate and Energize for healthy skin Recovery.

KIKI for Qi by Rebecca Long

Daily Skin Rituals

Modern, Sophisticated, and Ageless Daily Rituals. Immerse Your Senses in Australian Botanicals for skin health.

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Your Essential Beauty Tool

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