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Kathy Pedersen, the Pioneer of Qi beauty International, is committed to enhancing the recovery potential of skin through accumulative skincare therapies and sustainable business practices. 

 Kathy believes everyone should have the power to control the way they age with sustainable rituals.

Kathy's Practitioner Training makes Qi beauty a staple treatment to strengthen skin, enhance skin recovery potential, and provides education and business opportunities to anyone interested in health and wellbeing.

Qi beauty is committed to the education of Qi for lifelong age-control.


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We want sustainable rituals that enhance our skin, without undermining the natural nature of our beauty. Accumulative results protects the nature of our skin, and offers us the ability to enhance our skin, enhance our recovery process, and enhance the nature of our beauty.  

We are committed to the LIFE of skin; skin care, health,  wellbeing, and sustainable rituals to bring skin to life. 

Kathy Pedersen is the Pioneer of Qi beauty. Her passion and commitment to providing accumulative skincare, to offer age-control, and wholistic anti-ageing is what drives Qi beauty to constantly evolve and adapt to suit the lives of women. Kathy believes everyone should have the power to control the way they age. The Home Kit is Kathy's way to deliver age-control to the hands of women around the world. 

Qi beauty is a system that delivers ENERGY for optimal skin performance-  recovery and health. We believe skin can recover at every age, provided it has the energy it to do so. Qi beauty Home Kit, Australian Made Skincare products and the signature Qi beauty Facial Treatments are a combination of TCM philosophy and the Quantum principles of energy all combined into a simple DIY System. Kathy Pedersen, pioneer and international trainer of Qi beauty, is passionate about the relationship between health and beauty, and how our energy affects the way we age. 


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Qi beauty creator Kathy Pedersen shares her knowledge on sustainable age-control in the Qi Wellness Journal


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