Industry: Not always a lift

Qi beauty adaptation protocol for young women without collagen loss

Kathy Pedersen's notes on the role of adapted Matrix for younger skin without collagen or elastin loss. Creating a Facial Matrix based on presenting facial landscape to create defined lines, facial definition and natural enhancement. 

KP: A young woman without volume loss, or facial lines, will not thank you for using a matrix based on triangular reservoir protocol to create pockets of volume. What she will thank you for is a low volume matrix. Facial landscape, congestion, and inflammatory skin conditions are considered and integrated when creating a low volume matrix that uses large, flat, rectangular reservoirs. The aim is to provide nutrient support and detoxification leaving the skin looking clear, bright and toned.

Working on younger skin, or skin that is not presenting as collagen depleted, the best protocol is an adapted detoxification protocol. We use this for around 80% of facials for women under the age of 30. Often increasing magnetic gradient around the lip line, integrated into the matrix for a lip lift. The photo is typical of the matrix for a 23-28 year old.