The Qi beauty Tool That is Yoga for Skin


Offering skin the same energetic workout as unique mantras, there is a matrix for every Qi deficiency presenting through your skin. The Home Kit is a beauty tool used to reconnect the energy skin needs to glow every day, use it weekly to give skin a natural kick-start.


Our innate energy radiates through our skin… When we are glowing, we are often energetic, healthy, vibrant, and connected to our qi.

Our skin suffers the same lethargy we do; diet, lifestyle, lack of sleep, environmental and systemic toxins affect our skin the same way our body - we can assist our skin directly with Qi beauty Home kit, a beauty tool designed to stimulate skin based on acupuncture meridians connecting the energy flow circulating upwards, and downwards, the innate yin-yang of energy flow that is our qi.

To give our skin the yoga it craves - is to give it energy by replenishing what is overworked, and balancing what is overstimulated. We can change the behaviour of our skin and create healthy skin habits.