Winter Skin Care Ritual: Beautiful, hydrated skin all winter



Winter skin care doesn’t just mean wearing heavier, thicker moisturises - for some this can disrupt the skin pH and Sebum balance, resulting in frequent breakouts, excess oil production, or sensitive skin conditions 'Winter Skin', and dehydration, as skin overcompensates for the denser moisturisers applied to it. 

To avoid Winter Skin simply adapt your summer serums. Serums are the ideal option for people prone to breakouts, that have oily skin or combination skin type, sensitive skin or acne prone skin. Taking care of trans-seasonal skin and avoiding Winter Skin is a fine art of layering, and using all your products harmoniously. 


7 ways to take care of your skin this winter with products you already have in your beauty cupboard

Winter Rituals

  • Balance skin pH

  • Support your skins natural Sebum

  • Encourage skin desquamation 

  • Treat your neck and décolletage

1. Natural Cleanser

use a cleanser containing oils and a natural astringents (witch hazel, citrus, rosewater, cucumber, green tea, mint) the natural oils will restore moisture to skin while the natural astringent removes toxins, dead skin cells, and topical impurities 


2. Only exfoliate once a week

Exfoliate with a fine natural exfoliant in areas that need it -typically the t-zone 


3. Steam

A DIY steam over the stove (thanks mum) is the best way to open your pores. Gently remove impurities with a natural cleanse followed by a hydrating face mask. Heavy exfoliation following a steam can elongate open pores and contribute to further damage 


4. Mask 

A hydrating facial mask will assist in opening pores to remove topical impurities, A DIY mask containing coconut oil, avocado oil, and a mild astringent of your choice; green tea and cucumber are my favourites, rose water is a poplar choice too, blend all ingredients together and apply to your face, neck, décolletage, and hands.


5. Dry Body Brush

Encourage desquamation and improve circulation around your entire body for healthier, glowing skin 


6. Serums

Serums are created for specific purposes; Your pigmentation serum will work solely on complexion and skin tone, so you will need another serum to target hydration, while serums for the eye area are specifically ‘thinner’, a smaller molecule to penetrate and work on the delicate skin around the eyes. Strategically layering your serums based on the day, your hormones and presenting skin conditions- dehydration, environmental damage, breakouts, is the key to using serums effectively in winter.

Application: Apply your serum to clean, dry skin and wait for it to dry before layering your next serum. To finish, always apply either an oil or light weight moisturiser to ‘lock in’ the active ingredients. Apply your makeup or SPF as normal.


7. Hands

The tell-tale sign of age: The hands. Treat them with the Home Kit Hand Ritual

Hand Micro-Patches + Pigmentation Serum + Hydrate Serum + a Nourishing Moisturiser for deep repair.

Do this once a week and notice the improvement in the tone, complexion and youthfulness of your hands.