How Your Chinese Horoscope and Relating Element Can Enhance Your Life


Everybody belongs to one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs within the 12-year cycle based on the year you were born. Chinese astrology can be eerily accurate, predicting personalities, lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses based on your zodiac and element.

Every person has two elements - that of the Zodiac - the fixed element, and the element that aligns with your year of birth.

Fixed Elements:

Wood: tiger, rabbit

Fire: Snake, Horse

Earth: Ox, Dragon, Goat, Dog

Metal: Monkey Rooster

Water: Pig, Rat

Birth Date Element:

Look at the last number of your birth year to determine your element 

0 or 1 - metal element.

2 or 3 - water element.

4 or 5 - wood element.

6 or 7 - fire element.

8 or 9 - earth element.

So now you know your element.

Discover the best rituals to inspire Qi


Wood Element

You are wise and reliable, you work well in teams and are good at cooperating with other people. You are highly motivated and confident in most things you do. Your compassion makes you a wonderful friend but often you neglect to give yourself the same compassion.

Colours: Green, Cyan

Wood personalities can be perfectionists and have a tendency to exert a lot of self discipline, so a relaxing ritual can nurture and force you to relax! 

Dry body brushing can help you to refresh and renew, and Tai Chi can help wood personalities find balance in daily life.  

Inspire Qi

  • Take deep breaths throughout the day to calm your central nervous system and oxygenate your body and skin.

  • When cleansing and applying products, be mindful to inhale and benefit from the medical properties of the organic and botanical ingredients you’re using.

Try This at Home

  • Morning cleanse with Organic Clarity.

  • Spritz facial mist with botanical Australian extracts to calm skin and the senses throughout the day.

  • Use Yin-Tang meditation point in the Home Kit to calm a wandering mind. 


Fire Element

You are outgoing, full of energy and happy-go-lucky type, you love travel, seeing the world and meeting new people but you sometimes don’t know when you need to rest - or how to do it. Self care is the relaxation your body and mind is craving.

Colours: Red, Purple

As a fire element you love beauty, and investing in products that are going to deliver and make you feel amazing are worth it.

Taking time out is important for you because the Fire element can suffer from burn out causing anxiety and stress, so essential oils and relaxing aromas can assist reducing your worry.

Inspiring Qi

  • Meditation will keep your overzealous Yang in check with necessary Yin.

  • You are always on the go and make a lot of time for other people, giving yourself time is important too. Read a book, go for a walk outside, or go back to your favourite solo hobbies.

Try This at Home

  • Layer serums to multi-task your results and get your skin where you want it to be faster.

  • Customise the home Kit to treat yourself to a personalised ritual based on your mood and skin.

  • Get a massage once a month to give your body and mind a break.


Earth Element

As the Earth element you are quiet, peaceful and harmonious. You work well in groups and with other people but are self sufficient and happy to be alone. You know what you like and don’t like, and when you find something you love you are unlikely to change.

Colors: Brown, Yellow

While your love of being part of a community is important, so is down time and being in your own company. A simple and breezy ritual is ideal for the earth element, anything too complex and it will fall by the wayside.

It is important for you to use purposeful ingredients and products to feel connected to rituals and act with intention.

Inspire Qi

  • Start a blog to share your rituals with others.

  • Listen to music and dance around the house to shift Qi for more Yang.

  • Barefoot grounding will help Earth elements feel connected to their environment and home.

Try This at Home

  • To shift Qi stagnation use the Detox Matrix from the Home Kit to move sluggish lymphatics.

  • Simplify a ritual with only essential products; Clarity cleanser + Remove Exfoliant, Fade Serum for a bright complexion.


Metal Element

Metal Element is known for the balance of Yin Yang. You are understatedly composed, often described as just the right amount but not too much. You have a great sense of honour and strong self-esteem, you are ambition, motivated and do well in any social situation with refined etiquette.

Colours: White, Gold, Silver

Self-care is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. As you so controlled everyday, you find enjoyment in experimenting and playing with different products and treatments.

Express your personality with different rituals.

Inspire Qi

  • Metal element is prone to muscle-tension; Magnesium, Epsom salts and bath soaks can relieve unwanted tension after days or weeks of hard work.

  • A variety of activities will be more interesting than perfecting just one thing; pilates, Qi gong, tai chi, yoga, meditation - or a combination of them all will satisfy your intrigue for a little bit of everything.

Try This at Home

  • Nightly rituals incorporating cleansing, exfoliating and layering serums.

  • Customise your Home Kit to treat different areas; eyes, lips, cheeks, sculpt, detox and lift. Have fun with the Home Kit to design the treatments you want.


Water Element

You’re gentle, intelligent and funny. You’re unexpectedly thoughtful and insightful with an observant and analytical mind. While you are seen as easy-going, you don’t like being told what to do and can easily affirm your power with a few words.

Colours: Black, Blue

You benefit from slow rituals that bring intention and focus to calm your mind as you spend a lot of time thinking.

Tenderness is an important word for Water, to bring tenderness into daily life. Self-care is a ritual that balances our qi, to keep the oscillating flow of resilience and softness, the yin yang of water.

Inspire Qi

  • Bath soaks can get a little tedious if you’re not feeling it, so watch a romcom while soaking and keep the lights low to decompress.

  • Have a laugh and let down your boundaries to feel the spectrum of emotions.

Try This at Home

  • Cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin with intention every day.

  • Take time to massage your face and neck while cleansing to bring the mind back to self.

  • Enjoy tea or coffee with a moment of meditation.