B // Treatment #2, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment


Treatment Two for B// Qi beauty Facial Treatment, Gold Coast QLD, Australia 

binlove310Round 2 of @qibeauty all natural age control treatments 🎉 this time focusing on repairing broken capillaries around the nose , tone dehydration and fine lines around the eyes. Once again I was in total disbelief of the amazing results . I actually fell asleep during the process as it was so relaxing 😴 I now feel comfortable in my own skin to not wear any cover up or powder on the daily ... what more can a girl want?! Thank you Qi 🌻🙌🏾

Objective: Continue to work on broken capillaries around the nose to reduce redness. Target fine acne scarring on the cheeks presenting an uneven texture and slight pitting. Target fine lines around the eyes. Lift to contour jawline for facial sculpting. 

Treatment Protocol: Double cleanse and exfoliation using Clarity botanical cleanser , Customised Matrix, Intense Oil Infusion

Before Qi beauty: Last treatment B presented with darkness around her eyes, this was noticeably reduced after her initial treatment. B presents with broken capillaries around the nose, and scarring, with some fine lines around the eyes. 

After Qi beauty: We can see a significant reduction in redness around the nose caused by broken capillaries. B's cheeks feel smooth to touch and she is happy with the reduction in acne scarring. Fine lines around the eyes are significantly reduced and B's overall complexion is even. 

Follow up: B is continuing to use the Home Kit 2x weekly, we have customised her Home Kit to target the scarring on her cheeks. B is continuing to use the exfoliant and clarity cleanser, and is discontinuing use of retinol/ vitamin A at home. 

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