KP: Why we agree with The Outline "Skincare Con"

When author Krithika Varagur highlighted the most basic element of (some) skincare rituals - those that aren't based on botanicals and holistic principles - that these rituals induce damage that compromises the basic functions of skin. Those basic, intrinsic functions of skin to maintain its own health - removes all plausible implications that damage inducing treatments are actually beneficial. 

 "P50 inspires in me both fear and pity, as it seems to regularly break women’s faces’ “barriers,” the slightly acidic outer layer that naturally regulates its [own] moisture. If you break your skin’s barrier, you will erupt in scaly, dry rashes for months. And you must surrender your actives." - Krithika Varagur,

Here's what Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen had to say.  

"Beauty routines that compromise the integrity of the skin barrier are compromising skin health, which ultimately impacts skin ageing. I think the confusion here is mistaking the appearance of skin after SC barrier disruption for healthier looking skin. Damage has an accumulative effect on skin tissues and cellular responses and mechanics. To investigate follow the work of Shruti Naik1*, Samantha B. Larsen1*, Nicholas C. Gomez1, Kirill Alaverdyan1, Ataman Sendoel1, Shaopeng Yuan1, Lisa Polak1, Anita Kulukian1, Sophia Chai1 & Elaine Fuchs1. They have throughly mapped the role of repetitive barrier damage and the role of inflammation in the creation of skin sensitising and autoimmune responses." 

So what do we do? Instead of damaging, we heal. Instead of compromising, we support. Instead of removing, we restore. Lasting anti-ageing starts with recovery.