Telomeres and Ageing

What are Telomeres? 

Telomeres are like the plastic cap at the end of your shoelace, without them chromosomescan become corrupt, or damaged, and so the risk of mutated, diseased or premature ageing of cells is increased. 

How to Telomeres contribute to Ageing? 

As we age telomeres naturally shorten, however studies have shown that Stress (physical, emotional, environmental, internal and external) can accelerate the shortening of telomeres and therefore increase the risk of diseased cells and premature ageing. 

How do we protect Telemeres? 

Oxidative stress increases the rate of Telomere shortening, where as antioxidants assist in protecting the telomere DNA strand from shortening prematurely. 

How to protect Telomeres with Diet:

Foods rich in antioxidants; Goji berries, Wild blueberries, Dark chocolate, Pecans, Artichoke, Elderberries, Kidney beans and Cranberries. Studies show that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, and plant based diet's increase the length of Telomeres. 

How to protect Telomeres with Lifestyle:

Studies have shown that people that partake in half an hour of exercise daily can improve the length of telomeres. 

A combination plant-based diet, combined with daily exercise had the most significant effect on the length of telomeres overall. (Nutrition Facts)

Stress has been shown to increase inflammation and can shorten Telomeres. Reducing stress through activities like meditation, recreational activities/‘playing’, laughter and quality time with loved ones are a couple of things we can do to reduce stress and enjoy life! 



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