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What is the Skin Microbiome and How Can You Treat Skin Dysbiosis

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important for our skin as it is our gut - our guy microbiome can be disrupted by excess irritants or allergens, sugar, and caffeine. So can our skin. Maintaining a balanced diet is important for healthy skin.

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The benefits of plants in your home and your skin health

it’s no surprise that anti-pollution is leading the field of anti-ageing treatments, to combat the damage of exposure to environmental elements that can cause ageing, accelerated-ageing and premature ageing. 

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Why you have a skin break-out after using your mobile phone

Replacing skin flora is the newest craze - applying yoghurt to ones face will soon be the norm as we realise that the healthy bacteria on our skin is just as important for balancing our complexion as healthy gut flora is for stabilising our mood. Here we chat to Qi beauty founder, Kathy Pedersen, about the threats to healthy skin flora, how to restore good bacteria, and why we break out after extended mobile phone use. 

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B // Treatment #2, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment

binlove310 Round 2 of @qibeauty all natural age control treatments 🎉 this time focusing on repairing broken capillaries around the nose , tone dehydration and fine lines around the eyes. Once again I was in total disbelief of the amazing results . I actually fell asleep during the process as it was so relaxing 😴 I now feel comfortable in my own skin to not wear any cover up or powder on the daily ... what more can a girl want?! Thank you Qi 🌻🙌🏾 "

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B // Treatment #1, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment

"binlove310This treatment was way too good and totally deserves its own post! For those of you wondering what the hell is going on here ...Qi beauty’s Gold Plated micro magnets are strategically applied to direct the movement of natural anti-ageing compounds to where they need to be for the best results.. working on fine lines, wrinkles, scars & pigmentation to naturally boost skin health for a bright & glowing complexion . The total treatment took only 20 minutes and the results are amazing, dark circles diminished, complexion more even, redness around my nose was gone! They even have home kits so you can do it yourself over night . I love love it and can't wait for the next @qibeauty "

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7 rituals for beauty sleep

2. Develop a combination Ritual

A combination of botanicals, herbs and serums work on skin to assist recovery, integrate all into your nightly ritual to give skin a healthy dose of peptides, active botanicals and medicinal compounds. 

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Treating Acne: A Practitioners Perspective 

Most Acne sufferers seek to determine underlying causes for their condition and look to complementary therapies to help balance hormones, provide dietary advice, advise skin care programs, provide stress lowering treatments, treat underlying tissue damage and fix the skin barrier.

I like to outline the process of sebum excretion and changes in activity to educate the patient about contributing factors and to debunk any myths they may have about Acne formation. I feel that a physiological explanation of sebum and skin takes some of the pressure away from the sense of failure young adults often have about the appearance of their skin... 

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