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Industry: Ageing begins when Repair stops

Working at a depth of up to 6mm

below the surface, Static Magnetic Stimulation (SMS) is used to create Static Magnetic Fields (SMF), where a field is able to stimulate the ETC to create the energy needed for healthy cell synthesis. The critical time of cellular renewal is between 11pm and 4am, when we are asleep. 

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The Youth Ingredient you want in your beauty cupboard 

What is the criteria of youthful skin? Studies have shown that people tend to look at complexion as one of the first signs of healthy skin - and a tell-tale sign of age. The clearer the complexion, the more youthful someone must be. The study revealed we then look at skin laxity (bounce) and brightness. There's one ingredient that can do ALL of this.. 

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7 signs of skin distress 

7. Strengthening the lip line for a more defined lip and more full appearance can give a youthful glow back to the face. Treat the lip line with the Qi beauty Home Kit + serums 

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