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B // Treatment #2, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment

binlove310 Round 2 of @qibeauty all natural age control treatments 🎉 this time focusing on repairing broken capillaries around the nose , tone dehydration and fine lines around the eyes. Once again I was in total disbelief of the amazing results . I actually fell asleep during the process as it was so relaxing 😴 I now feel comfortable in my own skin to not wear any cover up or powder on the daily ... what more can a girl want?! Thank you Qi 🌻🙌🏾 "

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Wellbeing 2018 The NEW World of Beauty

Wellbeing 7's

The wellbeing and beauty forecast for 2018 is seeing the emergence of trends driven by health, knowledge and wellness for healthy, vibrant and energetic skin. Let's make 2018 the year we take control of the way we age. 

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A serum for Bootcamp, A serum for brunch

Qi Serums

From bootcamp to brunch, and all the days in-between, these are the best ingredients to look out for in a serum. A Serum is the solution to easy, effortless skincare and a natural, healthy glow. The right serum can even cure your skin from a hangover. 

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7 signs of skin distress 

7. Strengthening the lip line for a more defined lip and more full appearance can give a youthful glow back to the face. Treat the lip line with the Qi beauty Home Kit + serums 

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