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What is the Skin Microbiome and How Can You Treat Skin Dysbiosis

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important for our skin as it is our gut - our guy microbiome can be disrupted by excess irritants or allergens, sugar, and caffeine. So can our skin. Maintaining a balanced diet is important for healthy skin.

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Sunday Skin Rituals #MyQi

Sunday is my absolute favourite to indulge in all things indulging - copious amounts of tea,  brunching, walking around some sort of market or mall, and guilt-free daytime Netflix.. The only thing I want post-5pm on Sunday is to be at home in a bathrobe with freshly blowdried hair.. And amazing skin. 

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Why you have a skin break-out after using your mobile phone

Replacing skin flora is the newest craze - applying yoghurt to ones face will soon be the norm as we realise that the healthy bacteria on our skin is just as important for balancing our complexion as healthy gut flora is for stabilising our mood. Here we chat to Qi beauty founder, Kathy Pedersen, about the threats to healthy skin flora, how to restore good bacteria, and why we break out after extended mobile phone use. 

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Your Best Skin: An Even Complexion

The Fade Ritual is a luxurious at-home treatment to boost the natural recovery of skin and support a bright and glowing complexion.

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    7 Natural Free-Radical Defence


    Protect your skin with an oil, serum or moisturiser before applying makeup or SPF to create a barrier an reduce absorption of toxins. To protect skin from the sun this summer always wear a hat! 

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    7 Benefits Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy Skin


    Sea Buckthorn Oil contains 12 times more vitamin C than an orange, making one of the richest sources of natural vitamin C available to skin. 

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    Telomeres and Ageing

    Best foods for Telomere health: 

    Foods rich in antioxidants; Goji berries, Wild blueberries, Dark chocolate, Pecans, Artichoke, Elderberries, Kidney beans and Cranberries. Studies show that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, and plant based diet's increase the length of Telomeres. 

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    Skin Rehab for everyday Glowy-Skin

    Once skin flora is restored, you will notice an improvement in the health and vitality of your skin, and your treatment results will be even better. Ideal for post-skin care following Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL skin resurfacing, or if you're a long time DIY glycolics and retinol user.


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