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One Hour of Qi beauty will change the way your skin looks and feels

Qi beauty is undeniably beautiful, most people fall asleep as soon as the first magnet is placed on Yin-tang - the acupuncture point for deep relaxation and meditation. Qi beauty is based on the principle that we are all capable of healthy, balanced and energetic skin - at every age.

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The Qi beauty Tool That is Yoga for Skin

Our skin suffers the same lethargy we do; diet, lifestyle, lack of sleep, environmental and systemic toxins affect our skin the same way our body - we can assist our skin directly with Qi beauty Home kit, a beauty tool designed to stimulate skin based on acupuncture meridians connecting the energy flow circulating upwards, and downwards, the innate yin-yang of energy flow that is our qi.

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Sunday Skin Rituals #MyQi

Sunday is my absolute favourite to indulge in all things indulging - copious amounts of tea,  brunching, walking around some sort of market or mall, and guilt-free daytime Netflix.. The only thing I want post-5pm on Sunday is to be at home in a bathrobe with freshly blowdried hair.. And amazing skin. 

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