Sunday Skin Rituals #MyQi


Sunday is my absolute favourite to indulge in all things indulging - copious amounts of tea,  brunching, walking around some sort of market or mall, and guilt-free daytime Netflix.. The only thing I want post-5pm on Sunday is to be at home in a bathrobe with freshly blowdried hair.. And amazing skin. 

Sunday afternoon is my moment to give my skin an hour or two of Qi (love!) I detox, condition, and give myself some sort of contouring or volume treatment. I love having fresh and glowing skin on Monday morning. 

Join me on Sundays for Sunday SKIN with my go-to Qi skin ritual!  

  1. Starting with clarity, I double cleanse my face, neck and décolletage,

  2. followed by a double exfoliation with remove - remove is so gentle there’s no damage with exfoliating.

  3. I think it’s so important to move skin & warm it up so I like to give myself a quick facial massage with intense oil (2-3 drops is enough).  

  4. If my skin is oily/hormonal or having a little breakout I'll use a clay mask to help move congestion. 

  5. I always cleanse again to remove the mask or any left over oil. 

Now it's MATRIX time! using the Qi beauty Home Kit beauty tool

I start with the Detox protocol to clear any stagnation/congestion from my jaw, neck and under my eyes. This protocol helps define the fece - especially the jaw and moving fluid from around the eyes. It also helps clear bumpy spots under the skin.

The Lip Lift is my staple Matrix - it's a multi-tasker that works on creating volume, treating fine lines and assisting nutrient absorption. My favourite products to use with a Lip lift is the Hydrate Serum and Intense Oil

I leave on the matrix for 1-2 hours #NetflixnQi & I’m completely obsessed with layering serums so while it's on I'm all about infusing my skin with as many nutrients as possible. 

Hydrate + Fade is my go to right now to keep my skin fresh in winter & also get rid of a few acne scars - Fade is a natural herbal formula that is my skin saver for the best solution for hormonal breakouts or bouts of acne. After leaving it everything to cook for a few hours - cue Gilmore Girls, wardrobe cleanse and Backstreet Boys - My skin is SO ready for another week of life. Everything feels up, bouncy and glowing. 

To wrap it up, I use the eye cream (I use it on my entire face during winter) I never feel finished until I have intense oil on, so 1-2 drops over my entire face  - lips & eyebrows included, just try it!

That’s where I find #MyQi - the balance of yin and yang to make me feel myself.

Join me every Sunday for Sunday SKIN. Follow stories for updates on @qibeautyinternational 

T x