The 6 Spring Skin Essentials

As we approach Spring, we're all thinking about shedding the layers & revealing healthy, glowing skin in the warmer months. Here are Qi's top Healthy Tips to feeling summer fresh. 

1. Dry Body Brushing.

Stimulate the lymphatic system with this ancient technique of brushing the skin (always towards the heart) to increase circulation and improve skin desquamation. The results? Skin will appear brighter, healthier and you will notice your lymphatic system is function optimally. 

2. H2O 

With cooler weather we tend to drink less, having 3 more glasses of water a day is a small step in increasing circulation, reducing fluid retention, and brightening skin. 

3. Tumeric + Black Pepper 

We love the anti-inflammatory benefits of Tumeric, to really get the most out of Turmeric, add a little Black Pepper. piperine from Black Pepper increases absorption of the anti-inflammatory compound curcumin by 2000%.  Turmeric is great in anything savoury; Add it to scrambled egg or tofu, mashed potato/pumpkin/sweet potato, Cauliflower rice, fritters, or even hummus! 

4. Increase Veggies 

Just 1 extra serve of veggies daily can boost metabolism, improve digestion & reduce sugar cravings. Being prepared is essential, If you're not a morning person make extra in the evenings, or a simple container of chopped veggies (carrot & capsicum are tasty raw) for snacking throughout the day. 

5. Stretch more than you Tense 

Long, tanned limbs can be as simple as stretching out tired muscles. If you over-work a muscle it can bunch and look bulky, stretching nightly while you're watching tv is a simple way to elongate muscles and increase movement. 

6. Reduce Breakouts  

We all want glowing skin that looks great on the beach and in the office. Reduce breakouts with botanicals and herbs containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. "Over-exfoliating your face can result in a loss of moisture; gentle exfoliation, a light serum and a daily moisturiser or oil depending on your skin type, is the best way to take care of summer skin". Says Kathy Pedersen, founder of Qi beauty.