Does Stress Cause Acne?


Surprisingly, eliminating chemical exfoliants, glycolics and heavy toners from our skincare rituals can result in breakouts, and congestion, this is perfectly normal and a sign that skin barrier is impaired or damaged, and you could have a skin microbiome dysbiosis. The worst thing we can do when our skin breaks out is stress about our skin breaking out.

Kathy Pedersen talks Stress and Breakouts

“Stress is a factor in acne and skin breakouts, as it increases androgens - which increases oils and secretions around the hair follicle. If the skin barrier is damaged or impaired (over use of chemicals, microdermabrasion, UV damage, TEWL) the extra-cellular Matrix can stiffen and impair regular full desquamation.

“We see a build up of secretions and oils around the hair follicle which becomes stiff and hard, and this creates congestion. We need to create space within the exxtra-cellular matrix to allow movement of compounds to decongest skin, and move things out.”

A build up of congestion - stagnation, can be freed up by a Qi beauty Matrix.

Simply; Stress increases androgens which increases oils and secretions, more stress creates more androgens..It is a perpetual cycle fuelled by stress. The Qi beauty Method creates space between lipids creating room for compounds to move between, and break up the stiffening that causes breakouts.