Qi's 7 Natural Sleep Remedies

We've taken cues from Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop Qi's sleep 7s

Routine is essential for poor sleepers; whether it's regular insomnia, stress induced anxiety affecting your otherwise effortless sleep pattern, or the odd full moon wreaking havoc on your daily pep, create a routine that works for you and stick with it. We start with the Qi beauty Home Kit. The first point Yin Tang is used for deep relaxation and meditation, used alone or with the whole Matrix, this point will calm a restless mind and assist in delivering a peaceful slumber.

Create a routine that makes you feel calm and restful


Herbal tea, featured herbal ingredients valerian, Mulungu, Hops and Vanilla, act as a sedative for the nervous system, reducing anxiety, restless mind, or body. 


Try not to eat just before bed, allow your body at least an hour to digest and settle before getting under the sheets. Eating too close to sleep will leave you restless as the two are contrary actions; your body is refuelling for actvity, while your mind is settling for sleep. 


Spend some time of the floor. Roll out a yoga mat & stretch in a quiet, dimly lit space to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. If you find meditation confronting, try gentle stretching for 10-15 minutes before bed, as it allows your mind to wander while your body is still active.


Qi Home Kit first Matrix point is the Chinese Acupuncture point, Yin Tang, this point is used to encourage deep meditation and relaxation. Yin Tang is perfect for the overactive-mind, or a gentle hand into meditation. Use it to encourage sleep, or to simply calm your mind.


 If you’re rolling around without any hope of finding sleep - get up! Studies show that getting out of bed, doing a simple task, being in a different room or recapping your sleep ritual more often than not results in a restful night.  


Have a hot shower just before bed. Invest in aromatherapy or botanical body washes, facial cleansers, or body oils. Aromatherapy and botanicals work on both physical and mental stress, so you can slide into bed feeling zen. 


Create habits that support your sleep ritual. Studies show the environment we sleep in says a lot about our minds and the way we relax, making your bed in the morning and keeping a clean room reflect the space of your mind; clear and peaceful.