7 rituals for beauty sleep

While we are resting, we have the energy to spend on cellular regeneration and recovery - one of the many reasons sleep is so essential -  especially for our skin, so it's little wonder sleeping masks are the hottest thing in beauty right now, 8 hours of pure bliss for your skin so you wake up looking as great as you feel.

1. Use Sleep Masks

The Qi beauty Home Kit can be used as an overnight Sleep Mask to energise skin, reduce redness and give skin a clear, glowing complexion. Use the Home Kit at least once a week based on the original Face Matrix, or your Customised Face Matrix.

2. Develop a combination Ritual

A combination of botanicals, herbs and serums work on skin to assist recovery, integrate all into your nightly ritual to give skin a healthy dose of peptides, active botanicals and medicinal compounds. 

3. Get at least 7hrs 

7-9 hours of snooze can reduce the signs of tired skin that presents as premature ageing and ageing, so you will look instantly younger overnight.

4. Hydrate before bed 

Your skin relies on H2O to increase cellular hydration and the recovery process. While your Qi beauty Matrix is on, the water surrounding your cells will increase the efficacy of your treatment by working with the magnetic moments of your cells. 

5. Layer your Products 

This is the best time to layer your products to get the most out of your beauty cupboard. After cleansing, resist using a toner or astringent, instead, opt for serums featuring peptides or active ingredients like DMAE.ea for muscle tone. Follow serums with botanicals or herbs in the form of oil or moisturiser. 

6. Take your time 

One of the causes of skin inflammation is stress. Taking time to enjoy your nightly ritual will ease your body and mind to reduce systemic stress from showing on your face. 

7. Beauty Sleep

Sleep is the key to healthy, glowing skin, use the night to replenish skin and assist cellular recovery. Save detoxifying and toning treatments for the day, and always hydrate at night