7 Signs of Diminished repair

7 Signs of Diminished Repair 

There is a critical point in the aging process, reached when damage outweighs the potential of recovery. With diminished energy, cells cannot repair as they once did.  With age, the accumulation of damage, and the slowing of cellular function, impairs the natural skin recovery process. No longer are skin cells replaced by healthy, vibrant cells as they were in our 20s, unless, of course, you are in your twenties.  As we age, our cells are replaced by a cell with the accumulated memory of a tired, damaged cell. This is the visible evidence of decreased energy.

When we are assessing skin we look for the 7 signs of diminished repair; healthy, energetic skin is capable of self-repair. 

1. Skin bounce

2. Facial volume 

3. Fine lines 

4. Wrinkles

5. Dull Skintone 

6. TEWL - Trans Epidermal Water Loss 

7. Damage - UV, pollution, free-radicals