The Visual Characteristics of Diminished Collagen and Elastin

What's going on with my skin? 

The Visual Characteristics of Ageing, Diminished Collagen and Elastin

Poor structural integrity exhibiting and thin skin density

Spider naevus
Permanent diffused redness
Easily Bruises
Skin tissue laxity
Easily scars and tears

Diminished adhesion and recoil

Skin tissue laxity
Horizontal lines around eyes
Loosening of naso-labial fold
Muscle atrophy
Varicose veins
Spider naevus
Fine vertical crepe lines
Permanent diffused redness


Small pillows appear above and in the fold of eyelid
Small pillows around mouth and nasolabial fold
Small squares appear in skin folds
Hardening of skin tissue
Lack of recoil, resiliency and adhesion of elastin.
Causes AGE’s (reduced ability of collagen fibres to regenerate)
Facial sag and bag
Excessive Glycation may affect the type of collagen you can build.

Treatment Protocols 

A Qi beauty matrix will assist cellular processing to help rebuild the stratum corneum quickly, help restore NMF (natural moisturising factors), regulate TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) maintain a healthy acid mantle, assist transport nutrients, detoxify, oxygenate and self regenerate at a higher level of health.