Setting Goals: What Do I Want?

Ask yourself; 

What kind of Woman do I want to be? 

How to set goals to achieve your vision

An empowering, maybe daunting question; but the truth is that we have the power to be whoever we want to be - we have the power to change what we want to change, we have the power to age the way we want to age. 

Take 15 minutes and let your mind wander; imagine the woman you want to be 

  1. Create a story in your head: Cue Neuroplasticity. Imagine yourself today, exactly as you are - where do you see yourself, and what is the process. Detail is key. 

    "Our individual thoughts determine the structure of our brain and the steps that we will take out to lay down the path of our lives." (High Existence) 

  2. Write it down in detail: Use positive, present-tense, and affirming words to set your intentions. 
  3. Make action plans: Write down the actions you need to take; they need to be realistic and practical additions (or exclusions) to your existing rituals and lifestyle. 
  4. Set benchmarks to measure your progress along the way. 
  5. Set a reward system: Keep the kindness going and reward yourself along the way. Try  pampering; 'me time', a day at the spa, or a massage to nourish the body and soul for positive affirmation and recharging.
  6. Check in with yourself. Go back to the story in your head -  look at the whole process, not just the end result. If you see yourself achieving the small milestones you'll stay motivated and positive. Celebrate the small things! Check your action plan; add to it, make notes, & change things if they're not working. Stay adaptable, and treat it as a business arrangement. You've made a deal with yourself, and like any working project it requires constant work and attention.