DIY skin care


Achieve Balance with the Qi beauty  Home Kit

RITUAL for Hormonal skin, oily, prone to breakouts, large pores, blackheads, ‘Combination’ skin symptoms.

1. clarity cleanser

- Remove impurities from skin with lukewarm water, a soft face cloth and the organic cleanser. Possessing anti-bacterial elements and moisturising oils- 

2. remove exfoliant

- Gently exfoliate with this organic formula containing anti-inflammatory properties and fine grade pumice stone -  

2. intense oil conditioner

- Restore balance to skin with an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that contains over 190 nutritional compounds. Use 3-4 drops 1-2 times per week. 


"Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it... 

My Mother Told Me...


The New Rituals of Skin Care

RITUAL for Dehydrated skin, signs of damage, pigmentation, deep lines around the eyes and lips, deep naso labial fold and frown lines.  Neck and décolletage show loss of elasticity.

Qi ritual: Women over 40 should introduce an active serum to continue all day skin repair. ActiV88 ANTI-AGEand ActiV88 FADE assist to reduce the signs of premature aging and unwanted pigmentation. 

1. remove 

- Frequent gentle exfoliation to encourage skin desquamation (2-3 times per week)-

2. Home Kit

-Personalise your Home Kit for targeted treatment and anti-aging plans.- 

3. ActiV88 Fade 

- reduce the appearance of pigmentation and assist an even skin tone - Carrot Seed Essential Oil encourages detoxification and cellular regeneration throughout the lightening process to continually encourage healthy skin. -  

4. ActiV88 Hydrate 

- Sodium Hyaluronate retains up to 1000x its weight in water for intense hydration - One of the most luxurious ingredients in Hydrate Serum is the Silk Amino Acid From pure silk fibres with the ability to penetrate skin and increase hydration. - 

5. eye cream 

- the skin around the eyes is 10x thinner then that of the rest of the face, protect with an organic moisturiser - 

"The greatest culprit in giving skin an aged appearance is the loss of anatomical position of facial features....Treat it with Qi."


RITUAL for Depleted Vitality.  Noticeable loss of volume and elasticity on the face and neck. Skin is dehydrated or menopausal and unable to retain moisture and volume.

1. ActiV88 Anti-Age and ActiV88 Fade

- These two serums work together beautifully for mature skin, targeting the two tell-tale signs of damage; pigmentation and loss of elasticity. Studies have shown DMAE.ea can help maintain muscle tone in the face as we age, helping to prevent both sagging and drooping of the muscles beneath the skin.- 


2. Home Kit 

- Your skin needs a workout the same way your body does. Adapt your matrix every 4 months to continue treating different facial zones. Apply a Serum after applying your Matrix 3 times per week.-


3. nourish moisturiser 

-Rich in Vitamin E,  Rose hip oil and Evening Primrose Oil, nourish is a rich cream with vitamin A, B5, and K to help restore moisture to dry, damaged skin.-


RITUAL for Signs of premature ageing; small lines around the eyes, laugh lines and a deepening of the naso labial fold. Skin may still suffer breakouts.

1. steam skin 

- Open pores and assist in removing impurities with a light steam (10-15 minutes) -

2. detox mask

- Apply detox mask to warm, damp skin. Detox features french green clay and natural astringents to tighten pores  - 

3. Home Kit

- use the 12 point matrix 1-2 times per week to assist natural balance and boost the efficacy of products - 

4. ActiV88 Hydrate Serum

- Studies show Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate have the ability to decrease the depth and appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin sag.- 

5. day cream

- Apply a light moisturiser over the top of Serums to 'lock in' and protect the active ingredients. Create a barrier between makeup and sunscreen from the skin with a protective layer  - 

Your skin will LOVE Qi."