Is your skin in Distress? 5 ways to treat damaged skin

RITUAL for Distressed skin: Signs of premature ageing; small lines around the eyes, laugh lines and a deepening of the naso labial fold. Skin may still suffer breakouts.

You might be treating your skin with regular microdermabrasion or laser treatments. Use the Home Kit to trigger the Natural Healing Response and assist skin recovery, or treat your skin to a Qi beauty Facial Treatment following Cosmetics to fast-track skin recovery. 

1. steam skin 

- Open pores and assist in removing impurities with a light steam (10-15 minutes) -

2. detox mask

- Apply detox mask to warm, damp skin. Detox features french green clay and natural astringents to tighten pores  - 

3. Home Kit

- use the 12 point matrix 1-2 times per week to assist natural balance and boost the efficacy of products - 

4. ActiV88 Hydrate Serum

- Studies show Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate have the ability to decrease the depth and appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin sag.- 

5. day cream

- Apply a light moisturiser over the top of Serums to 'lock in' and protect the active ingredients. Create a barrier between makeup and sunscreen from the skin with a protective layer  - 



52 treatments in every Kit. Customise your Home Kit at checkout for personalised anti-aging care