Qi beauty with Prenaka Ram, AKA @bosslady_status_


We're Loving the boss lady status driven by Prenaka Ram, she's mastered the slash title with owner/teacher/practitioner/Qi beauty trainer following her name, but ultimately Prenaka is the passionate business woman behind Namaste Wellness Day Spa, and every day she inspires us to get up & go!

Follow Prenaka's journey through business and education with passion and non-stop drive, instagram.com/bosslady_status_

bosslady_status_Qi Beauty demo was a huge success yesterday. Most people were shocked by the amazing results. I love watching all the facial expressions as the face fills, lifts and tightens. 🤷💆🙋🙆.. if you're interested in getting a Qi beauty facial or becoming a practitioner, please email me at Atouchofkarma@hotmail.com


image via  @bosslady_status_