My Easy Travel Skincare Routine


To test out the new Qi travel Kit, I spent a weekend at the Calile Hotel, a little staycation an hour away from the Gold Coast, in Brisbane.

I love my skincare rituals, and I want my skin to be healthy - especially when i’m away. Skin rituals can be as simple or complex as we choose, personally, I love the new form, #skipcare - the minimal three-step processes that are taking over intricate 12-step K-beauty trends. For the spontaneous weekend away, or long haul flight, the Qi travel Kit covers the essentials for a minimalistic and on-the-go approach to skin health.

  1. I always prepare for a breakout! Climate shift, air-conditioning, city free-radicals, dessert for dinner.. in TCM medicine any subtle shift can impact every other organ- including our skin, so i’m prepared for anything. The overproduction of sebum - diet or climate, can create an imbalance in the skin microbiome. The 7ml Spritz has a natural astringents to balance excess oil without damaging the skin barrier. There are two Spritz in the Qi travel Kit, because one always ends up in your purse for on-the-go glow control!

  2. I make my skincare work hard during the day, too. 10ml Qi02 Oil is an anti-inflammatory multi-purpose oil that can go from skin conditioning treatment overnight - after too much sun, wind, salt and city, to (the best) brow shaping oil in an instant. This is my most used product - I apply one drop before makeup or SPF to protect my skin barrier throughout the day, then again as a fishing oil to highlight my cheeks, brows and lips. It has a soft golden tint so that natural holiday glow is enhanced instantly.

  3. For me the molecular structure of moisturisers is too heavy for my skin, and I usually end up with congestion or feeling like I need to exfoliate - but I love how they feel - the weight and nourishment.. The 10ml Hydrate Serum is the solution to ‘serum or moisturiser?’. Sodium Hyaluronate offers enough hydration to deeper dermal layers so skin feels hydrated and full, while Pearl Peptide and Silk Amino Acid gives skin a smooth and hydrated outer layer - enough to hydrate skin overnight in air-conditioned hotel rooms, and feel like you’re really wearing something.

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