How to Access Lymphatic Drainage at-home for Clear Skin


The lymphatic system for healthy skin is a popular feature right now. But the lymphatic system is so much more than glowy skin. Lymphatic Pump Technique is a system developed by Osteopaths to enhance the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system. When we think of stagnant lymphs we often go straight to edema, affecting unhealthy people that might sit or stand a lot or not drink enough fluid. But there’s more to this circularity system than just lifestyle choices resulting in swelling. The lymphatic system is essential for whole body health and circulation.

The lymphatic system is a key player in immune surveillance and triggering immune responses - it is on fight or flight standby while maintaining self-tolerance. Impairment of the lymphatic system can leads to impaired trafficking of immune cells with toxin build up, accumulation of inflammatory mediators and inflammation - as well as puffy legs, excess fluid retention around lymph nodes.. This is why when we receive lymphatic massage we feel SO good.

There are simple solutions we can do at home to assist healthy lymphatic circulation, and improve how we feel and look.


Use your Qi beauty Home Kit following the Detox Protocol. This protocol is a DIY process you can leave on overnight to assist drawing fluids away from heavy jowls, for a more defined jaw and neck. Following the Face Matrix,. apply 4 Qi micro patches to your neck, and one to the acupuncture point shown on the Matrix. Through stimulating acupuncture meridians, working with the lymphatic channel, and using controlled magnetic gradients this protocol successfully helps shift stagnant fluid.


Using an Osteopathic Manipulation Technique we can stimulate the lymphatic system at home. When you’re lying in bed, on the couch, during meditation, or take 4 minutes to flex and point, mobilising your feet and ankle. This exercise is called ‘Pedal Pumps’ and stimulates circulation by ‘pumping’ sluggish lymphatics.