Wabi-Sabi Japanese Skincare and Beauty Philosophy for a Lifelong Appreciation of Your Beauty


Japanese Philosophy, the imperfect, incomplete, and transient nature of beauty.

The Principles to remember:

  • Less is more.

  • The art of Japanese skin care is all about achieving clean, clear and bright skin - to be makeup free and feel confident.

  • Health and Lustre. The purpose of Japanese skincare is not to achieve perfection, but to embrace and admire the natural beauty of what is. Wrinkles, blemishes, scarring. Think Wabi-Sabi, and embrace the Nature of your beauty

  • Zen principles of Japanese skin care is accepting the natural passage of ageing, enhancing health to age with lustre. 


Japanese beauty philosophy guided by Wabi-Sabi


Gold Particle Alchemy

Qi beauty Gold Plated micro-stims create a network around the face to detoxify the skin with gold particle alchemy and the stimulation of facial meridians for natural decongestion and skin detoxing. This is ideal as an anti-pollution treatment for heavily polluted areas that cause skin damage from pollution, exposure to air-conditioning, and environmental bacteria.



Healthy Skin has Lustre. Lustre is the expression of health; complexion, volume, tone, bounce, elasticity, strong tissue and collagen fibres reflect the lustre of skin. It is an expression of deep cellular health, that cannot be imitated.


be purposeful and complete.

Cleansing. Next time you cleanse, take the time to think of your skin - not just the act of washing your face. Cleansing with products that serve a purpose based on presenting conditions. Be mindful of choosing specific ingredients that are complex in nature but simple in formula. Our products should be purposeful and complete.

Qi beauty clarity cleanser is a formula containing natural astringents balanced with restorative oils. Skin is being cleansed deeply, while oils are restoring moisture so as not to disrupt the skin flora and microbiome.