How to use serums for daily skincare


Serums offer a new dimension of care to your skin.

Serums offer deeper skin penetration with a light-weight formula designed to access skin further than a cream or moisturiser. The molecular structure of the ingredients in Qi beauty serums are designed to work within deeper skin layers.

Apply your conditioning product in order of their molecular structure. Light to Heavy. where your heavier creams act as a defensive barrier.

Qi ritual

  1. cleanse - Clarity cleanser - 125ml

  2. Spritz with a hydrating facial mist - Qi beauty Spritz - 125ml

  3. Serum and allow to absorb - Qi beauty ActiV88 - 30ml

  4. oil - Qi beauty intense - 15ml

  5. moisturiser - Nourish and Day - 60ml

Always use your serum before a moisturiser and oil. Oils are denser and will act as a barrier between your skin and serum, so be mindful of oils in your cleansers and toning mists.