B treatment Series // #3 Before and After Qi beauty Facial Treatment


Before and After Facial Treatment targeting fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, fine lines around the eyes, and brightening skin tone. 


B // Treatment #3, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment


  • Focusing on pitting caused by acne scarring
  • Working on pigmentation around the cheeks and eyes
  • Continue treating broken capillaries around the nose
  • Contouring cheek and working on living the jaw for definition
  • Focus on fine lines around the eyes
  • Lip lift

Treatment Protocol: Exfoliation and cleanse with Clarity and Remove. Using a wide matrix to cover the entire face with attention to pigmentation on the cheeks and fine lines around the eyes. Once the Matrix is in place, diluted Fade serum applied to matrix over entire face to naturally trent break outs, fine scarring and pigmentations. Allow to dry for a few minutes and apply intense oil over the top. 

Fade works on naturally evening the complexion with botanicals and herbs with active emlemetns that have been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and naturally brighten skin. Licorice Root extract, bearberry and raspberry seed oil are active ingredients that make Fade a natural skin brightening treatment that is also great for acne prone skin or to treat breakouts to reduce redness, with antibacterial properties. 

Following the treatment: We noticed a significant change in B’s complexion, with an overall evening of skin tone around the nose, and cheeks. Fine lines around the eyes and pitting around the cheeks was significantly reduced. Ongoing exfoliation at home has made a difference to B’s skin, removing superficial congestion and a noticeable change in the texture of her skin.

At home treatment prescription: After applying the Home Kit, B will apply a small amount (1-2 drops) of Fade to specific areas to treat uneven skin tone. Fade can be used nightly following cleanse and exfoliation. apply to clean, dry skin. Either a moisturiser or oil can be applied over the top of Fade once it has dried.  

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