B // Treatment #1, before and after Qi beauty Facial Treatment


images: instagram/binlove310

  • binlove310This treatment was way too good and totally deserves its own post! For those of you wondering what the hell is going on here ...Qi beauty’s Gold Plated micro magnets are strategically applied to direct the movement of natural anti-ageing compounds to where they need to be for the best results.. working on fine lines, wrinkles, scars & pigmentation to naturally boost skin health for a bright & glowing complexion . The total treatment took only 20 minutes and the results are amazing, dark circles diminished, complexion more even, redness around my nose was gone! They even have home kits so you can do it yourself over night . I love love it and can't wait for the next @qibeauty @taara.yv

Objective: Repair the Stratum Corneum, Brighten skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Reduce appearance of fine lines around eyes. Lift naso labial for definition. Brighten skin and increase natural skin glow. Reduce the appearance of redress around the nose. 

Treatment Protocol: Adapted Matrix combining single and double chains, peptide serum infusion following matrix application + Qi beauty 'intense Oil' hydrating mask. 

Before Qi beauty: B's skin presents as 'tired', although B is healthy, her skin was lacking lustre and energy to bring out her natural glow. Her personal desire was to bring forth her natural glow, reduce the fine lines around her eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

After Qi beauty: B's skin presents as naturally healthy and glowing. The fine lines around her eyes have been significantly reduced and the dark circles are hardly noticeable. Redness around her nose is reduced and overall complexion is bright & naturally healthy. 

Follow up: B will use the Home Kit 2 x weekly to support the outcome of her treatment and healthy glowy skin. At home B uses the Remove exfoliant and Clarity cleanser  Her next treatment will be in a fortnight followed by monthly Qi beauty facial Treatments - always adapted and customised to suit presenting conditions. 

 - Taara