Your Best Skin: Sustainable Anti-Ageing must be Pro-Recovery

For anti-ageing to be sustainable it must first start with recovery


Skin requires energy to recover. The Electron Transfer Chain (ETC) is responsible for facilitating the formation of ATP cells, critical in cellular recovery. The ETC is a high-flux circuit creating energy, working with a low-flux circuit supporting cellular REDOX. 


REDOX fight's Free-Radicals, and it is a critical step in reducing the effects of Oxidation and Oxidative Stress via Superoxide Dismutase (SOD is one of the most important antioxidants in reducing oxidative stress causing cell mutations, unhealthy cells and premature cell death). 


Energy. Together, the ETC and REDOX processes give cells the energy they need for skin recovery. 

Sustainable anti-ageing is pro-recovery

Anti-ageing all started in the 1950s with The Mitochondrial Free-Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA) discovered by Denham Harman, is has formed the basis of 21st century skin care, defined by Antioxidant Therapy at the forefront of Anti-Aging treatments. 

IV-infusions, serums containing molecular-weight bio-synthetic antioxidants, nano-technology, Vitamin C, and antioxidant supplements are designed to assists the REDOX low-flux circuit to control Rogue Oxygen Species and mtDNA damage. Today, we are more inclined to talk about anti-pollution, free-radicals, rogue-cells and cellular damage, while Antioxidant Therapy is still our go-to treatment.

The energy governing cells via the ETC has been overlooked, because until now it hasn't been possible to stimulate cellular energy (without compromising the skin barrier). With the development of Static Magnetic Fields in the area of Bio-Magnetics and Quantum Physics, we can  influence the energy governing our cells via the ETC. We know that energy creates energy, to successful repair, skin needs energy to facilitate the natural recovery process. Without the energy to function, repair is diminished and damage accumulates. Damaged skin, is a sign of damaged cells, and the inability to recover. As the repair of cells is diminished, cells move slower, there are more abnormalities in the formation of cells in the ETC and skin appears to be lacking vitality and health. For health, we need energy. 

Stimulate your skin to create the energy you need for healthy, vibrant, energetic complexion. 

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