Industry: Oxidative Stress and Intrinsic Ageing Driven by AGE's

Oxidative Stress plays a central role in initiating and driving events that cause skin aging at the cellular level (Masaki 2010).

One of the primary causes of  Oxidative Stress is pollution and UV exposure, however studies are revealing the significant impact sugar has on intrinsic ageing processes. We are noticing an increase in cellular ageing processes related to glycation, the breakdown of collagen when it comes into contact with sugar. 

When collagen comes in contact with sugar it results in the formation of advanced glycation end products AGE's - this is a natural process, however it is accelerated by  high sugar diet, or medical conditions like diabetes and hyperglycaemia. Glucose-driven ageing can contribute to collagen breakdown and accelerate the ageing process by inhibiting the formation of collagen type I and III.