7 Natural Free-Radical Defence

7 ways to fight free-radicals naturally with Australian botanical skincare, Qi beauty Home Kit and Micro Magnet Facial Treatment, and the DIY Home Kit for energetic healthy skin 



Qi beauty Facial Treatment see one of our 170 practitioners in Australia, Canada and New Zealand for a customised Gold-Plated Micro-Magnet Facial Treatment to get to the heart of your skin for your best skin ever! Naturally Brighten your complexion, reduce fine lines around your eyes and give skin a boost of volume for a naturally fuller appearance. The Micro-Magnets and Gold work synergistically with the Electron Transfer Chain (ETC) - that is the energy governing cells for naturally recovery, and the antioxidant SOD - to increase the potential for healing. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin 


Botanicals for antioxidant support. Australian Kakadu Plum provides skin with more vitamin C than any other natural supplement.   


Qi beauty Home Kit 3x weekly to increase skin recovery. Synergistic fusion of Micro-Magnet and Gold work together to increase the recovery potential of skin, reduce the appearance of damage and ageing, and restore energy for healthy cells.  


Herbs are making a comeback with the growing need for natural skin defences and nourishment; SBT oil is a nutritional compound for skin that will detoxify, nourish and protect. Use 1-3 drops morning and night for around-the-clock care.


Organic veggies have more of the essential antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase. This is the largest antioxidant group of the body in flighting free-radicals, we can naturally absorb it from Fruit & Veggies for a natural hit! 


H2O can be your best beauty trick. Keeping your body hydrated will increase cellular energy, increase blood circulation, reduce lymphatic congestion, and ease inflammation 


Protect your skin with an oil, serum or moisturiser before applying makeup or SPF to create a barrier and reduce absorption of toxins. To protect skin from the sun this summer always wear a hat!