Fit Skin with Kathy Pedersen: How do we Achieve FIT Skin


In Qi, we talk about skin as being fit, - encompassing all the things we strive for as we age - health, and energy. The way we think about our inner health and our bodies, skin fitness applies much the same. As we age we need to give skin more to stay fit. We can train our skin to behave more energetically - with healthier cellular processes. 

Kathy Pedersen explains how made Skin Fitness accessible to all women.

A Static Magnetic Field stimulates movement. All the points and meridians on the map below, they all work together to create a moment - a magic moment - where cells are so stimulated that they move.. not so much a disco more like a rumba… They behave like younger more energetic cells - because as we all know, energetic cells are young cells.

The Field gradients (specific magnetic gradients) create a highly charged environment and never damage the barrier function of skin.

So cells get a real workout and leave the skin looking extremely hydrated, fresh and oxygenated.

This is true oxygenation, moment and energetic workout that renders the cells youthful.