The Foundations of Feng Shui

The main entry of a house needs to be welcoming and warm for good feng shui. Creating a strong foundation in the entrance creates a channel of positive energy throughout your home and life

The Feng Shui Trinity

Bedroom - Kitchen - Bathroom

When you're thinking about the energy of your home, consider the feng shui trinity: the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Anchoring is a term used in Oriental Philosophy, in this situation we want to anchor the energy of the home to these main energy centres. It is also important to pay attention to the energy in these areas, as these areas will ground the house - we don't want the energy becoming stagnant. 

"To Harmonize with Elements" 

Universe - Earth - Humanity 

  • Fresh, free flowing air
  • Natural sunlight
  • Music and sound
  • Living plants and/or flowers (always remove flowers once they have lost their life energy)
  • Rid clutter and old, damaged furniture - unused and unwanted. (this is to ensure there is no stagnant or blocked energy in the house)
  • Specific colour 

To use this map, stand in the front door of the building you are evaluating. See the space as having three sections from near to far: Front, Center, and Back. Then overlay that with seeing three sections from side to side: Left, Middle, and Right.
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Keep in mind the relationship between Feng Shui - the energy and balance of your home, and the energy, and balance of your life. After establishing Feng Shui in your home, be mindful to keep the energy fresh and flowing. Stuck, stagnant energy in a house is believed to express itself in the relative areas of your life (based on the Bagua energy map).

Use the Bagua (feng shui energy map) to identify the areas of your home that are connected to the areas of your life. This will give you a guide for the colours, elements (wood, metal, water) and living arrangements. Using appropriate colour, and the 5 feng shui elements in your home will encourage vitality, prosperity, joy and balance in your home and life. 

Use elemental cycles to balance dominant or suppressed elements. 

  • Dominant: Wood. 
    Pair it with: Metal
    Support with: Earth and fire. 
    Do not use: Water.
  • Dominant: Fire
    Pair it with: Water
    Support with: Earth and Metal. 
    Stay away from: Wood.
  • Dominant: Earth
    Pair it with: Wood Support: Metal and Water. 
    Stay away from: Fire.
  • Dominant: Metal,
    Pair it with: Fire and
    Support with: with water and wood. 
    Stay away from: Earth.
  • Dominant: water
    Pair it with: Earth and Support with: Wood and fire. 
    Stay away from: Metal.

6 tips to feng shui

  1. Understand your home using the bagua
  2. Determine your feng shui element
  3. Use the 5 feng shui elements to create balance and prosperity within your home.
  4. Nourish your own element within your home through introducing elements and colours  that support your energy. 
  5. Personalize your home to suit your needs: to improve health, place wood element in the East area of your home.
  6. Position your work space, bed, dining table, lounge etc is areas that are beneficial to you. This relates to your “Kua number”. If your Kua number is 1, you benefit most from facing southeast, east, south, and north.