Fashion Week Skin Care with Just One Product

A self-confessed favourite product of Aussie beauty Margot Robbie, Intense Oil will keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing.  

Heavy make up, matte-finish, strong lights, minimal sleep, air-conditioning & long hours resulting in a noticeable decrease in your intake of antioxidants - the vegetables & tea we happily replace for croissant & espresso, can leave our skin looking a little dull.

Qi beauty's Fashion Week Beauty Ritual using the Intense Oil will save your skin; keeping it hydrated, nourished & healthy. Use this one product throughout your fashion week schedule & no matter how long the days, nights & flights, your skin will glow. 


1. Lip Repair & Intense Nourishment. Chapped lips is not a look we love, revive your lips at the end of the day with just one drop

2. Brow Conditioner. Your brows will look healthy & full with just one drop, prime & brush in the morning and night 

3. Lash Repair. After a day of mascara, rub your lashes gently between fingertips with one-two drops 

4. Skin conditioning Treatment. Avoid red, sensitive, or dehydrated skin with an intense conditioning treatment during Fashion Week, after cleansing, apply 6-8 drops to fingertips and massage around the face (extend to neck and décolletage for a complete treatment using 10-12 drops) 

5. Skin Primer. Avoid the chemicals and protect, nourish and prime skin in the morning with 2-3 drops of Intense Oil

6. Glowy Skin.  Achieve instant glow with 1-2 drops of Intense applied to fingertips and dabbed on the cheeckones after makeup