7 DIY with Qi Home Kit

The Home Kit is about You. The Home Kit is a DIY system that uses Micro-Magnets to stimulate biological responses critical in the recovery process of skin. There's not one way to use the Home Kit, but endless options as you age. The Home Kit is your skin's BFF; providing constant TLC, working with your schedule - anywhere, anytime, & providing the ultimate pick-me-up when you're feeling a little burnt out and in need of some serious, effortless, me time.

Home Kit 7s

1.Increase the energy of your skin

The Qi gold-plated Micro-Magnets work with the Electron Transfer Chain - the energy governing cells. Stimulating the ETC increases cellular energy so your cells are healthier, more energetic. 

2. Customise at every age 

As you age, your skin needs change. While our 30s are about stabilising healthy skin barrier, as we approach 40 and 50 our needs shift to controlling the way we age. Customise your Face Matrix at every age to continuously control how you look as you age.

3. Restore TEWL 

One of the biggest concerns about premature ageing, and ageing is the loss of moisture at a cellular level. Trans Epidermal Water Loss is the loss of vitality and skin glow that gives us a youthful look. TEWL can be caused by environmental toxins, free-radicals causing cellular damage, and products and treatments that impair the function of skin. 

4. Volume

While we've moved on from the 80s, volume will never be out of fashion when it comes to our skin. The more volume as we age, the better! Increase volume in specific facial zones with a customised Face Matrix to give your face a vibrant bounce. 

5.  Boost your products 

We all have our favourite products that work, regardless of how many late nights we've accumulated. The product that makes us feel great, and gives our skin pep to get through the day with glowy skin. Studies confirm that Specific High Grade Magnetic Fields can increase skin permeation. Using the Home Kit with your favourite moisturisers or serums will boost performance so you can get even more our of your best skincare products.  

"Age-Control that's

6.  Beauty and Health

Health is beauty. Facilitate an environment for healthy skin flora to increase the skin microbiome and reduce skin irritation and breakout. 

7. Be the best version of yourself

Look your best as you age. Healthy, energetic and glowing skin is a sign of health and vitality. Look the best version of yourself as you age with the Home Kit. Every Kit comes with 3 face maps, and 52 treatments using the gold plated micro-magnets.