Customised DIY Age-Control

The Matrix collection is a series of Qi beauty Face Matrix using Qi's best points for Age-Control. Take control of the way you look as you age, be the best version of you with the Qi beauty Home Kit and Matrix Collection.

The Home Kit is your personal Age-Control coach. To empower, support and challenge the way you view ageing. Enhance your natural skin recovery for healthy, energetic and glowing skin.

1. sensitive skin

This Matrix is for sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, redness and has, in Chinese philosophy,  excess heat. 

2. beauty lift 

This Marix is the staple of all Qi beauty Age-Control protocols. The beauty lift addresses facial volume, skin tone and elasticity. 

3. eye lift 

The Eye Lift Matrix will brighten your eyes with natural lift from the brow to the hairline 

4. lip lift 

A strong lip line is a sign of youth, naturally work on fine lines and a diminishing lip-line with the natural Qi beauty Lip Lift  

5. drainage and detoxification 

The drainage Matrix helps reduce puffy, or congested skin to define facial features and brighten skin 

6. customised matrix 

This is all about You! Tell us about your skin at checkout and we will customise your matrix for your specific skin needs. Target fine lines or wrinkles, facial zone, or scar using Qi beauty's customisation form. 


Enjoy The Matrix Collection

Qi beauty Home Kit RRP $120. Includes 52 treatments + 7ml Qi beauty travel spritz + The Matrix Collection