DMAE Benefits for Anti-Ageing

Studies show the immediate benefits of DMAE can last all day once applied and visibly improve the tone and appearance of skin, lines and wrinkles. 

DMAE is an antioxidant membrane stabiliser and with consistent application studies show significant improvement in the appearance of the following common areas of ageing; 

  • Coarse wrinkles

  • Under-eye dark circles

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Sagging neck skin

  • Neck firmness 

Unlike other topically applied compounds, DMAE targets below the skin;  muscle - as opposed to topical tissue - to inhibit the repetitive action that causes lines and wrinkles, and also increase muscle tone to reduce the appearance of facial sag. (NICB)

DMAE is best delivered in a serum to penetrate the dermis and work on tissue below the surface. DMAE is potent in small quantities, and works harmoniously with other compounds - peptides, active ingredients, herbs and botanicals.

Combining DMAE with other active compounds; amino acids, herbs, antioxidants and botanicals will deliver a serious anti-ageing treatment


Peptide that activates the gene responsible for facilitating the restructure and repair of the intercellular matrix. On application, peptides stimulate this process and studies have shown that Matrixyl3000 can effectively restructures and smooth the surface, and deeper layers, of skin. Studies have shown a drastic reduction of the depth, density and surface area of wrinkles.


Heptapeptide is known for its ability to mimic the action of laminin-5, a molecule crucial in the dermal-epidermal junction of the skin, and the junction where skin first begins to be altered by ageing. Studies show that Heptapeptide enhances the integrity of laminin-5 and improves the dermal-epidermal junction by stimulating proteins involved in cell to cell adhesion. Is is shown to assist wound healing, cellular growth and cell regeneration as well as stimulating the biosynthesis of Collagen type I and III.


"Studies suggest that it is not wrinkles that are the greatest culprit in giving the face an aged appearance – it is the loss of anatomical position that results in the sagging and drooping of the underlying muscles."

DMAE is a compound that stimulates the underlying muscle tone to reduce facial sag resulting in accentuated signs of ageing


 Rooibos Extract 

Rooibos extract is a flavonoid-rich antioxidant that protects skin against environmental and free-radical damage.