7 Daily Rituals 

Presence and awareness delivers satisfaction

7 daily rituals we can do with a smile, because life if too long to get caught up in the small stuff that won't matter tomorrow 

1. Tea

Frame of mind plays a role in the benefits we get out of something. Appreciate the health benefits of your simple daily rituals. 

2. Walk

Breathe, increase circulation and clear your mind. Breaking up the day with short walks has been proven to support metabolic function, and productivity at work. 

3. Meditate

The parameters of meditation are non-existent. Meditation is peacefulness, calming the mind chatter and feeling settled in yourself. This might come from sitting in lotus on a yoga mat, or it might come in the form of floating in the ocean, or laying on the floor letting your mind still. 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation can increase productivity throughout the day, increase mood, and minimise stress. 

4. Chat

Have a laugh! Every day we are surrounded by people, while we are inclined to rush through polite chit-chat, taking a moment to enjoy it can be really rewarding. 'Spontaneous connection' is the enjoyment we get from conversations with strangers.

5. Read

Expand your mind, and get out of your head. Read something unrelated to you - world news, a topic you know little about, or a publication you never pick up. Expand your thinking to get outside your bubble. Global thinking expands the mind and adjusts our perspective making us more interesting to talk to. 

6. Music

We're all guilty of being a little too serious at times. Allow yourself to have fun, dance, sing, or just enjoy the moment. 

7. Cook

Cooking is a daily ritual, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Cook with girlfriends, plan dinner swaps, or delegate and call ubereats. #yolo 


Life is too long to get caught up in stuff that won’t matter tomorrow