How to Choose the best serum for your skin

To use a serum, first decide what it is you want from the serum, something to lift, add volume, smooth fine lines, or even pigmentation and skin tone. 

The active ingredients in a serum reflects what the serum is capable of doing - some ingredients are able to improve skin tone, while others are specifically working on hydration. ‘Active’ means the ingredient will be working on your skin. Ideally you want 4 active ingredients in a serum, and if there are peptides, they need to be coupled with other peptides to work effectively.

Apply your serum to the area – or whole face, neck, décolletage, and hands, then apply a moisturiser over the top once the serum has dried. The moisturiser will ‘lock in’ the serum and create a barrier to protect the active compounds while they work on your skin. If you’re using a serum in the morning, apply a moisturiser over the top then your normal makeup routine as usual. This is also a great way to protect your skin from free-radical damage from SPF, makeup, air pollutants, throughout the day.

Qi beauty’s serums feature hand selected ingredients that target skin deficiencies  and improve the health and function of skin.

Anti-Age serum 

Active ingredients target skin elasticity, texture, bounce and tone. Skin appears more tight, sitting higher with more bounce. Lines and wrinkles are less defined; reduced in depth and length.


Hydrate Serum 

Active ingredients target water retention and moisture loss. Using active ingredients to infuse skin with moisture, Sodium Hyaluronate is a pre-cursor to Hyaluronic Acid, and retains up to 100x it's weight in water. Studies show the active ingredients in Hydrate serum will continue to attract and hold moisture to the skin for up to 8 hours after application. 


Fade Serum 

Fade serum is a natural skin hyper pigmentation and tone treatment, active ingredients visibly reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone by reducing stand-out pigmentation. Fade is an over-all treatment to even skin tone on the face, neck and hands. 


Eye Serum 

To treat the fine lines, crows feet, skin sag, and puffy eyes around the eyes, eye serum combines medicinal and biosynthetic active ingredients including green coffee beans and roasted coffee bean extract to make the eyes appear brighter, healthier and more rested.