Industry: Ageing begins when Repair stops

Anti-ageing is defined by the Mitochondrial theory of ageing. We have been told that free-radicals cause ageing. Free-Radicals cause a cascade of damage, but ageing begins with energy. 

Free-radical damage is just one of the expressions of ageing, a symptom of the inability for skin to repair. As we age, we become tired, and our cells become tired. As we age, we lack the energy needed to create healthy, energetic and youthful cells as we once did. The responsibility of creating healthy cells lies with the Electron Transfer Chain (ETC), the body's own mechanism for processing our DNA at an atomic level, where electrons are transferred in the creation of healthy cells (the sodium-potassium pump). 

Working at a depth of up to 6mm below the surface, Static Magnetic Stimulation (SMS) is used to create Static Magnetic Fields (SMF), where a field is able to stimulate the ETC to create the energy needed for healthy cell synthesis. 

While we rest, cells recover. The majority of wound healing, and cellular healing, occurs while the body is at rest - while other systems are resting allowing us to spend the energy on cellular recovery. This rest phase is crucial in the recovery of skin. As we know, cells are replaced in the memory of a former cell; a damaged cell will be replaced with a cell possessing the same characteristics of the former cell... a youthful cell is replaced by a youthful cell, and a tired cell is replaced by a tired cell. This is ageing. As cells accumulate damage over our lifespan, starting when we are young - sun, environmental toxins, sugar, stress, inflammation, and systemic toxicity all contribute to the health of cells. We begin to see the signs of cellular damage in our 20s, 30s and 40s, when damage presents as pigmentation, fine lines, and loss of collagen synthesis.

Energetic cells perform better than tired cells. As we age, we want to energise cells so they are continuously replaced with the memory of a healthy, energetic cell.  

When cells are lacking in energy, they are slow, tired and sluggish, the recovery potential of skin is significantly reduced as cells are unable to perform as efficiently as they once were. Cellular energy, starting at the ETC, controls the behaviour, synthesis and creation of healthy cells. As we know, energy creates energy.

Stimulating the ETC with high-precision positioning of a SMF and high-gradient magnetic field has been shown to successfully dictate the movement of cells. Using Qi beauty Protocols for skin recovery, we are able to create volume is the areas essential for the best results. For the ETC to effectively transfer electrons to create a healthy cell, reduce the risk of maladapted cell senescence and premature cell death, it requires energy. We know energy creates energy. Static Magnetic Stimulation techniques are a gateway into stimulating the energy of the ETC, and assisting the formation of healthy cells. Wellness is defined by energy, by rendering skin energetic we are talking a mindful step towards controlling the way we look as we age, through supporting the energetic nature of our skin for both beauty and health.

Qi beauty Facial Treatment to lift and define cheeks, work on fine lines around the eyes and create natural lip volume to define the lip line.