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Hydroquinone vs Arbutin for natural skin brightening

Natural scarring and pigmentation treatments using Licorice root extract, Bearberry, and raspberry seed work together to support and strengthen the ability for skin to combat rogue free-radicals and oxidative damage that can cause hyperpigmentation.

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Your Best Skin: An Even Complexion

The Fade Ritual is a luxurious at-home treatment to boost the natural recovery of skin and support a bright and glowing complexion.

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    A serum for Bootcamp, A serum for brunch

    Qi Serums

    From bootcamp to brunch, and all the days in-between, these are the best ingredients to look out for in a serum. A Serum is the solution to easy, effortless skincare and a natural, healthy glow. The right serum can even cure your skin from a hangover. 

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    The Science of Ingredients

    Skin Care is the synergy of ingredients; hand selected for their ability to work harmoniously to improve skin health, function and appearance. We know that peptides require other peptides to work effectively, and astringents coupled with oils delivers hydration and tonifying benefits; so what are some of the best skin care ingredients on the market and what do they do? 

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    DMAE Benefits for Anti-Ageing

    DMAE is an antioxidant membrane stabiliser, with consistent application, studies show significant improvement in the appearance of the following common areas of ageing: DMAE treats Coarse wrinkles, Under-eye dark circles, Nasolabial folds, Sagging neck skin and improves neck firmness. 

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    Winter Skin Care Ritual: Beautiful, hydrated skin all winter

    The Art of Serums: Winter Skin Care 

    Learn how to layer your serums and use your existing skin care products to nourish your skin this winter  

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    Why your skin needs Hydrate Serum

    Hydrate features Pear Peptide, Organic Siberian Ginseng, Rice Proteins, Silk Amino Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate (HA). 

    We all know the dewy, glowy, youthful radiance that hydrated skin possesses, the Qi beauty Hydrate serum contains elite active ingredients to hydrate skin from below the surface and retain moisture for up to 8 hours. 

    Pearl has been used for over 2000 years for it's ability to improve skin tone. The active Pearl Peptide delivers a brighter and luminous complexion. 

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    6 Ingredients To Reduce Hyper Pigmentation

    Natural solutions for hyper-pigmentation: 

    Raspberry seed oil extract. Studies reveal oil extracted from the raspberry seed possesses natural UVA sun-filtration ability to help protect skin from sun induced damage*. 

    Pomegranate for skin luminosity

    Bearberry is a natural hypo-pigmenting component that studies have proven to naturally even skin tone


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