Japanese Acupuncture with Camilla Cameron of Happy Healthy Clinic, Brisbane

Dr Camilla Cameron is a functional acupuncturist in Paddington, Brisbane. Camilla favours Japanese acupuncture in her studio Happy Healthy Clinics.


I found the Qi beauty training just amazing!  The one-on-one intensive training I had with Kathy was just that, intense, but also super informative and mind blowing in terms of results.

I also received a treatment which was just fantastic.  As an Acupuncturist of nearly 2 decades I was truly surprised at just how strong a treatment the facial was.  Not only could I feel significant movement in my face, I could also feel changes happening in my back, sinuses and digestive area.  I went in with a really sore, congested ear that I have not had an issue with since the treatment.  In terms of results, I noticed a marked difference in my face, it looked clear and more vibrant instantly and as the week continued I felt my face was far less puffy.  Every morning I was surprised at how different my face looked.  I love the at home facial kit also!

All round I am a Qi beauty convert.  I can't wait to treat as many patients as I can so that they can see the value in Qi beauty themselves. 


Camilla Cameron.  Source: Happy Healthy Clinics.

Camilla Cameron.
Source: Happy Healthy Clinics.