Your Best Skin: An Even Complexion

Achieve a healthy, glowing, even complexion with Qi's Fade ritual combining the Home Kit protocols, and the peptide-rich Fade Serum featuring scientifically proven ingredients to naturally even skin, and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

The Fade Ritual is a luxurious at-home treatment to boost the natural recovery of skin and support a healthy, vibrant complexion.

  1. Following the instructions of your Home Kit, apply your chosen Matrix, or apply an adapted Matrix as recommended by a Qi beauty Practitioner.
  2. After your Matrix is in place, apply Fade Serum to clean dry skin. Fade can be used over the entire face, or applied to specific areas of pigmentation to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. (Remember * to treat a specific facial zone or area, apply Fade directly to affected area only. If brightening overall complexion apply to the entire face.) 
  3. Leave your Matrix and Serum treatment on on over night, for express treatments, leave Matrix and Fade Peptide treatment on for 1-3 hours. 

Use Fade nightly for 6 weeks, use your Home Kit Matrix 2-3 times per week to assist treatment, or advised by a Qi beauty practitioner.  


It's important to protect skin from free-radicals throughout the day, a serum with active compounds, defensive moisturisers or facial Spritzers with antioxidant compounds can offer defence against environmental toxins. 

When treating skin with Fade Serum, do not sunbake or expose skin to full, direct sunlight for extended periods. Wear a hat and quality zinc sunscreen (if you choose).

  1. In the morning, gently cleanse skin with clarity, intense oil, or room temperature water.
  2. Apply a protective serum, or oil containing antioxidants to assist protecting skin throughout the day. 

Follow the Fade protocol for 6 weeks, this is in-sync with your natural skin desquamation process, to stimulate skin for energetic and healthier cells.