9 Natural Skin-Boosting Foods You Can Eat Daily

The best anti-ageing foods for natural, radiant and healthy skin 

1. Green tea

Containing the super compound hyaluronic acid, green tea can help boost your natural production of this essential anti-aging element. Combine green tea into your skin care rituals for internal hydration & detoxifying. 

2. Fish oil

EPA and DHA, Omega 3, is essential for intercellular connective tissue and healthy ageing (Advanced Nutrition)

3. Lemons

As well as alkalising your body, lemon assists in eliminating toxins, reducing toxicity, and inflammatory skin conditions. 

4. Pomegranate

Full of antioxidants, pomegranate is a super nutrient high in anti-oxidants that protect your skin against free-radicals, internal oxidation, and superoxide dismutase. 

5. Cucumber

Containing vitamin C, K and A, retinoids that help control your skins melanin production. Cucumber eye pillows can have an instant effect on dark circles or puffy eyes, when consumed regularly, the vitamins boost the health of your skin and body.

6. Eggs

Eggs are a superfood that delivers protein, carbohydrate and fat, that help stabilise blood-sugar and metabolism. Eggs contain one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin D, essential for healthy gene function, particularly the growth of Keratinocytes, the cells that form the outer-most layer of the skin. Two large eggs is roughly 21% of your DRI of Vitamin D. 

7. Basil

Fresh basil is an anti-inflammatory, it can assist outbreaks, reduce congestion and toxicity. 

8. Walnuts

These oily nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids that help the skin combat against harmful UV rays.

9. Papaya

 Or Paw Paw, contains Flavanoids, anti-oxidants, vitamin A and C, and will help your natural defence to free-radicals like pollution, and UV rays