Wellbeing 2018 The NEW World of Beauty

Beauty Trend forecast for 2018 is seeing the emergence of trends driven by health, knowledge and wellness. The way we look as we age is controlled by the ability for skin to repair, we know that healthy and energetic skin is Youthful.

Wellbeing 7's


1. ROS

Reactive Oxygen Species are the rogue cells known as Free-Radicals. Free-Radicals can lead to cell mutations, cell senesces and impair DNA. ROS is the leading cause of Oxidation, Oxidative Stress, and Oxidative Damage. 


Reduction Oxidation is the transference of electrons between cells governed by the Electron Transfer Chain. This process is the critical in cell homeostatis and maintaining cellular health. 

3. Oxidation and Oxidative Stress

Oxidation occurs when Rogue Oxygen Species are left to wreak havoc on skin. Oxidation and Oxidative Stress causes damage to epidermal and dermal cells, leading to premature aging and skin disorders. Oxidation occurs when REDOX is unable to combat ROS. 

4. Superoxide Dismutase

Is the largest group of antioxidants in the body, it is responsible for fighting free-radicals that causing ROS and Oxidation by binding to toxic compounds to breakdown superoxide molecules (charged oxygen molecules). SOD is a critical component of the low-flux circuit REXOD

5. Antioxidants + Antioxidant Therapy

Antioxidant Therapy assists the low-flux circuit of Mitochondrial Free-Radical Theory of Aging:  Combatting ROS, Oxidation, and assisting REDOX. Topical antioxidants, and an abundance of natural sources of antioxidants is crucial in supporting cellular function and repair.  

6. Cellular Energy

If the energy of cells is slow, the Low-Flux Circuit of the recovery process is impaired (REDOX, Superoxide Dismutase). Boost the natural energy of cells to function optimally by stimulating the Electron Transfer Chain* ETC.

*Qi beauty Home Kit 3 month Supply to stimulate the ETC DIY for energy

7. Minimising Inflammation 

Reducing systemic inflammation will increase the potential for skin recovery. Inflammation is triggered by stress; emotional, physical and mental stress, lifestyle, diet and exercise, supplements or allergens can all trigger inflammation that can impair the healing process. Under times of stress energy is spent in 'fight of flight' mode, instead of recovery and homeostasis.