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Where do you find your inner peace, your point of equilibrium?

Bella Ryan for #MyQi on the Gold Coast, QLD

Bella Ryan for #MyQi on the Gold Coast, QLD

In Chinese Medicine, qi yin-yang balance cannot be define as just one thing. There is the physical; water, air, food, and the intangible; the feelings we get from swimming in the ocean, a waterfall, the inner peace at sipping hot tea on a cold morning. Where we find our qi is unique to us, we have our own life force flowing through us that we maintain with our own yin-yang practices of finding balance.

Qi beauty #MyQi is encouraging women to embrace the things they do that is theirs - the moments we take to find our sense of self, our point of equilibrium.

Share your qi, your sanctuary of restoring the energy you give, with the energy and life force you give back to you.

We are working with talented women, who are pursuing their qi, living their life force.

Join us by sharing your MyQi moments- whether it’s a movie for one, a swim in the ocean like Bella Ryan - the first empowered woman in our #MyQi series, i’m so excited to see how women feed their life force, and embrace the power of giving back to self.

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