How to live with the Seasons

Living in Harmony with the Seasons can relieve colds and flus, inflammation, and even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Nurturing your body with elements, foods and being aware of your emotions is all part of the shift in seasonal 'Qi' of the body.  

Foundations of Autumn 

Declutter: It's important with a change in seasons to re-organize your life - not only your wardrobe, but also linen, unkept draws, loose stationary, and pantry items that you no longer need, declutter, donate, and refresh your space and life. 

De-frag: Set new mantras, goals and rituals to adapt to the changing season. Autumn is the transition to winter, we are slowly moving into shorter days, cooler weather, and the air is more dry. 

Be ware of your emotional condition: Autums dominating organ is the Lung, susceptible to holding emotions of guilt, self doubt, and instability. Address emotions as they arise to keep the lungs clear. It is a good time release emotional scar tissue with treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, or reiki. 

Breathing: It is essential that the breath is full and deep, particularly for the Lung Qi. The breath detoxifies the body, assists processing emotions, and improves the immune system.

We often seek cool, raw foods in summer, but now it's time to switch to warmer, cooked foods to help eliminate cold and chill from the body. Warming foods like root vegetables, soups, ginger, garlic, onions and stewed fruits; pear and apple are all Autumn staples.