Access your bio-electric system for healthy ageing

What is the Bio-Electric System and how does it impact ageing? 


A vast system that is controlled by our hormones, what we eat and our quality of sleep, as much as it is influenced by the weather and quality of air around us, the bio-electric system governs our entire body.  

As we age, the bio-electric system can become sluggish resulting in compromised skin: premature ageing, inflammation, and reactive skin conditions are all related to the activity of the bio-electric system. Learn how to improve the function of your bio-electric system for skin vitality and health. 

Symptoms of a compromised or deficient bio-electric system might present as...

  • insomnia

  • anxiety

  • brain fog

  • agitation and irritability 

  • general body aches and weakness

  • impaired vision 

  • dizziness 

  • lack of concentration

  • serious illness or chronic disease

  • chronic fatigue

  • menopausal or hormonal problems 


Sub Health or Suboptimal health status (SHS)

Defined by the World Health Organisation and has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A state between health and disease when all necessary physical and chemical indexes are tested negative by medical equipment, things seem normal but the person is experiencing discomfort and pain. 

The World Health Organisation estimates that 10% of the population is suffering sub-health. 

Learn the techniques of accessing and influencing your bio-electric system for health ageing and skin vitality with Kathy Pedersen 

  • Energise cellular activity of skin

  • Tone and clear skin tissue

  • Calm and centre the mind

  • Assist peristalsis cor more efficient digestion

  • Detoxify and decongest skin tissues